What Doctors Say About Medtronic Bladder Control Therapy

Find out what doctors across the US have to say about bladder control problems and Medtronic Bladder Control Therapy (Sacral Neuromodulation), delivered by the InterStim® System.


Dr. Siegel


Dr. Siegel talks with a patient about the Medtronic Bladder Control Therapy evaluation and what success looks like.

How bladder control therapy works

Dr. Siegel


Dr. Siegel talks with a patient long-term Medtronic Bladder Control Therapy and the cosmetic aspects of the neurostimulator.


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The doctors listed on this page are paid by Medtronic as consultants. Medtronic asked for their statements regarding their experience with the InterStim System.

In addition to risks related to surgery, complications can include pain at the implant sites, new pain, infection, lead (thin wire) movement/migration, device problems, interactions with certain other devices or diagnostic equipment, undesirable changes in urinary or bowl function, and uncomfortable stimulation (sometimes described as a jolting or shocking feeling). In most cases, these issues can be resolved, so talk to your doctor about your experience. (See Important Safety Information for possible adverse events.) This therapy is not for everyone. A prescription is required.

Last updated: 30 Sep 2016